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What are you business hours:
Wednesday 12-6
Thursday 9-6
Friday 9-6
Saturday 8-4
Sunday 8-2

What is your address?
We are located at 6305 Main Street, Comber, ON, N0P1J0

I tried to call but no one answers, I left a message but no one has gotten back to me.
Unfortunately, since we have opened on Nov 1st, we have been unable to consistently answer the phone. If you are unable to get your answer from this list of FAQ’s, send us a message on social media and will get back to you when we have a moment.

It’s a holiday, what is the best way to find out if you are open?
1. Check our hours on Google
2. Check our social media pages for a post regarding our holiday hours

Can I place an order?
We are unable to take orders at this time.

I came all this way - how do I get to know what you have so I am not disappointed?
We offer over 200 fresh menu items that rotate daily, we don’t guarantee anything - and that’s the fun of it. Try something new!

Where else can I buy your products?
Please check our social media pages for product locations.

Do you make anything gluten free?
We do not make anything gluten free.

Do you make anything nut free?
Our facility has nuts in it and we use it daily, however some recipes do not call for them.

Do you use lard?
We only use butter.

Do you serve breakfast, lunch and dinner?
We do not serve any meals as a typical restaurant does. Our seating is to enjoy a pastry with a coffee.

Can I make a reservation?
Our tables and seating are on a first come, first serve basis

What is your menu?
We offer a variety of Breads, Pastries and ready to heat meals for you to take home. The variety of our selection changes daily, and we believe our offering is a part of the experience of what we offer. That being said, we do not have a set menu.

Can I reserve a room at the bed and breakfast?
Our bed and breakfast is currently closed until further notice.

Do you offering catering or special orders?
We do not.

I got a gift certificate ages ago - is it still valid?
They don't expire. Check your balance...

I have a problem with what I bought, how can I make it right?
Next time you come through, we will replace or refund you - don’t freeze or save your item to bring in, we are happy to take your word for it.

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