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Telling a story by creating unique experiences.

What started as a services to accent the B&B , quickly became a business on it’s own. Iron Kettle Events is an award winning team that provides many different services to create  memorable experience. Whether we are fulling curating your event or simply adding a few touches, we can help make your event unique.

About IK Events


Inspired Local and Seasonal Cuisine

What's your occasion? Where are you hosting this event? How many people are you looking to host? When is the event? These are all the questions we have, when catering an event. We customize everything we do - because not one event is ever the same.


Event Curating

Come be a part of our Story.  We regularly curate, and create, one-of-a-kind food events. Check out our social media pages for opportunities to join us!


Experience our Afternoon Tea in the Winter Months, our Harvest Dinner in the Fall, and many events to come!

Hosting Events

Hosting a Shower?

Whether you are hosting a baby or bridal shower - if you are looking for different, quaint an intimate - you've come to the right place

Looking to organize a dinner for a group?

Family Dinners, Anniversaries, Corporate Dinners, Birthday Celebrations or just because, we would love to host you.

Wedding Coordinating

Planning weddings can be fun and exciting, but the closer you get to it, the more you worry. This service is for a client that has already planned the vision, and all the details for their wedding. What you need is some help and guidance in executing and managing them the day of the wedding.   Our experienced team steps in to help coordinate the timeline, decor, vendors, bridal party and family the day of the event.

Rentals & Decor

Event Decor & Rentals

Decor becomes a key element to creating an experience and telling a story.

Whether you are looking for mix and matched tea cups, full table settings for your 200 guests or just missing a unique piece to complete your decor we’ve got you covered.  

Limited decor services for mostly Iron Kettle B&B, backyard and intimate weddings, with lots of personal touches.  Inventory is always growing and created for each event.

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